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The Valley View Foundation
San Jose, California




Dear Friend:



I write with pleasure and on behalf of Valley View University Foundation Board to inform you regarding the existence of the Valley View University Foundation.

The Foundation, currently based in California is registered with the U.S. Federal Government and the State of California. The purpose of the Foundation is to secure financial support for the creation of an endowment fund that will be used to: Endow professorships and support the education of quality students.


As you know, Valley View University is already a fine Christian University in Ghana which the Foundation aims to support in the areas described above to improve, maintain and help guarantee quality education at a high level for the foreseeable future. This in effect helps the University acquire excellent teachers and excellent students.

The purpose of this letter, in addition to informing you about the foundation, is to also invite you to donate toward the support of quality Christian education at Valley View University. 

Thank you for your support.

May the Lord bless you as you help Valley View University offer quality Christian education to students.



Alex Clerk, M.D

President, VVU Foundation





The Valley View University Foundation has Four Categories of Donor Groups, involving a

5-Year Pledged Donation - in the following Donor Categories:

VVU Bronze Club

Donation up to - $ (US) 500.00/5 years


$100.00/year for 5 years 

VVU Silver Club

Donation up to - $ (US) 1,000.00/5 years


$200.00/year for 5 years 

VVU Gold Club

Donation up to - $ (US) 5,000.00/5 years


$1000.00/year for 5 years

VVU Diamond Club

Donation up to - $ (US) 10,000.00/5 years


$2000.00/year for 5 years 

(NOTE: Donors can move up the Honor Roll Groups)


Let's Make A Change In Quality Education

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

455 O'Connor Drive, Suite 110

San Jose, CA 95128


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (901) 830-6849