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At the July 2015 General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists (S.D.A) Session in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., the Ghanaian Conference Delegates and Officers of the two S.D.A. Church Unions in Ghana held a meeting with the Ghanaian S.D.A. Conference attendees. At that meeting, the Officers of the two Ghana Unions of S.D.A. presented to the Ghanaian Church members present at the meeting Progress Reports of the Church work in Ghana. Part of the report presented by the Church officers was about Valley View University.

Valley View University (VVU) is a Seventh-day Adventist Institution of higher learning in Ghana. At the Ghanaian Conference attendees’ meeting, the need to organize, and appeal to Seventh-Day Adventist Church members living in North America to assist Valley View University in its growth needs was discussed. Specifically, the discussion was about the need to raise a $ (US) 1,000,000 Endowment in the next 5 years for Valley View University, to help support the University’s financial stability, and academic programs.

On September 1, 2015, the Valley View University Council (the Governing Board of Valley View University) took action to affirm the need, and the Council’s interest in the Endowment Program discussed in San Antonio.

A group of Ghanaian Seventh-Day Adventist Church elders and members in North America has worked, in the past several months, to develop an Organization Structure for a VVU Foundation. At the first Board meeting of the Foundation, the members decided to use the Endowment Funds in specifically supporting the endowment of professorships and the education of exceptional students at Valley View University to help improve the quality of education and the University's standing as an educational institution.

In consultation with the Valley View University Council and appropriate agencies in the State of California, Valley View University (VVU) Foundation is now a Nonprofit (501C3) organization in the United States of America which is now open for business.


Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Valley View University Foundation is to secure financial support for the endowment of professorships and the education of exceptional students at Valley View University.


The Goals of the VVU Foundation are to raise:

  •  Short-Term Goal (1st Year) - $ (US) 100,000

  •  Medium-Term Goal (5-Year) - $ (US) 1,000,000 (Cumulative)

  •  Long-Term Goal (10-Year) - $ (US) 10,000,000. (Cumulative)


VVU Foundation


President - Dr. Alex A. Clerk 
Executive Secretary - Dr. David Amponsah
Director of Finance - Dr. Isaac Fordjuor


The following persons are the founding Board Members of the VVU Foundation who are presently serving on the VVU Foundation Board, which has been set-up in the United States of America:



The VVU Advancement Officer is an Ex-officio Member

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